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Duffy McCoy

Duffy McCoy


Duffy McCoy has been involved with horses for over 17 years.  She has managed a boarding stable and owned horses for pleasure. She is a Certified Level III Reiki Master.  She has studied Equine Massage under Stuart J. Farnell, LMT, Don Doran of Animal Dynamics, Jeffra Sinclair of JS Essentials and Jim Masterson of the Masterson Method, Massage Therapist to the Equestrian Olympic Team.  She has also taken other animal related courses from Dr Gerald Wessner, Holistic Veterinarian; Dr Gerd Heuschmann author of Tug of War and the DVD "If Horses Could Speak;  Amelia Kinkade author of "Straight from the Horse's Mouth"; Ted Andrews author of numerous books to include "Animal Speak";and Emotional Resilence Through the Way of the Horse with Diane Molony and Laurel Boyer base on the book "Tao of Equus" by Linda Kohanov.
Duffy also teaches clinincs, classes and lectures to groups and organizations on Equine massage and stretching, Emotional Resilence Through the Way of the Horse, Animals: Their Messages and Meanings and The Healing Power of the Outdoors. Her studies are ongoing.


A major international movement in the horse industry is equine assisted therapy.  Horses, therapeutic riding instructors, and professional therpists work together to benefit the lives of people with physical and mental disablities.  The tern hippotherapy means treatment with the help of the horse.


I have a horse for my daughter that tended to be sensitive to touch, bossy with other horses, and just seemed difficult to connect with.  A friend often suggested I have Duffy work on this mare and finally I decided to give it a try.  Well, I regret not having done it sooner!  Since Duffy has worked with this horse, she seems more content and happy.  We can touch her without her flinching.  In addition to all the work that she has done with her, Duffy explained to me that this horse takes a long time to process which now makes sense.  Since I have given her more time to process "things" which typically don't matter so much to other horses, she has become more trusting of us and our bonding has improved significantly.  I am thrilled with what I have learned through Duffy and what she has done for this horse.  We can now see how wonderful of a horse this mare really is!

M.B. Mandarin, FL


Duffy McCoy has significantly aided my aging anglo-arab sport mare.  Her techniques have elevated her stiffness and freed her movement.

Duffy’s “Magical Hands” are recognized by all my animals.  As soon as Duffy is in view, my mare walks in from the pasture while my dogs push and shove to have their massages.

T.M. Jacksonville, FL


Duffy McCoy has worked on my horses over the years with much success.  I could always tell they preformed all tasks in a more comfortable way - I would highly recommend her services.  

S.R. St Augustine, FL


My mare Zoe, a Hanoverian 12 year old at the time, had spinal alignment issues after foaling, and then had back and neck pain for various reasons a few years later. Duffy successfully helped her with massage and music, in conjunction with chiropractic and acupuncture. Her holistic approach to wellness was key. Zoe always purred when she saw Duffy!

M.G. Saint Johns, FL


My horses simply love Duffy! What is so unique about Duffy's work is that she uses a variety of techniques and she allows the horse to choose and tell her which one to use during any given session. In particular her energy work is very powerful and Duffy has really helped my older horse with it and rebalanced the energy in his body.

A.W. Jacksonville, FL





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